I bless the rains down in Africa...

5:00 AM

It's day three of the Countries and Cultures challenge with The Digital Dozen.  Today I have an African inspired mani for you. I'd like to call this a country manicure but as Africa is not a country it's probably more of a culture design!  It's also upside down so apologies for that (you can see a right side up pic below!).  I really love African art and culture.  The colors and the vibrancy of it is just amazing.  I wanted something really bright for this and then I used some African tribal type patterns for the art.

There is a sun on my ring finger over the elephant because I thought combined with the fade it would sort of resemble a sunset.  I've also got a little giraffe and a tree!!

I hope you enjoy these African nails!! 

Don't forget to check out the other ladies art below!! And don't forget you could choose our September theme!! Just visit TheDigitalDozen.com and tell us what you want to see us do!!

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  1. Very colourful; perfect for the African theme!

  2. Hehe love the Toto reference! These are really great. I love african culture and patterns as well! The gradient background of these pull this whole look together, great job, lady! :)

  3. Thanks for the ear worm. :) Great mani--the colors you chose for the gradient are perfect for the theme.

  4. I love everything about this - especially the perfect color scheme!

  5. Love the song and love this mani! That gradient is perfect for the stamps!

  6. Very pretty...love the contrast!

  7. I absolutely love the gradient with the dark silhouettes!

  8. Love love love these! The gradient colors are so perfect, vibrant, and cheery :)


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