Painting the roses red...

5:00 AM

Well I've officially run out of things to watch on Netflix.  I'm not a huge TV girl anyway but somehow in the move I got addicted to the background noise! I started streaming TV series' and chose ones which had lots of seasons to take up more time! I have a week of posts which will be dedicated to said TV watching but for today, you get this!  My most recent choice was Once Upon a Time which has proved to be both interesting as well as incredibly silly.  Great for a guilty indulgence! These are loosely inspired by the Queen of Hearts. :)  They are also my first attempt at "lead lighting" and I don't love it BUT I think a different design might have made it better.  I hope you enjoy them! What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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  1. That flowered heart is amazing!

  2. I do love a silly TV-show, especially when I'm ironing! One of the most absurd ones I enjoy watching is Pretty Little Liars. It's absurd and idiotic, so I get to laugh a lot (especially when they say things like, "It's so hard to be a post-modern feminist if you're such an alpha-male!" makes me laugh again!!).

  3. Such a cute mani! I enjoy Once Upon a Time, too, but I'd have to say my real guilty pleasures are Revenge in the autumn/winter and Mistresses in the summer. Both exceedingly silly! I'm pretty sure Revenge is also on Netflix.


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