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As I'm sure you are all well aware, Zoya has a brand new collection out called Tickled and Bubbly. It consists of six cremes and six glitter polishes. The glitters in these are really interesting in that they have larger, smaller and then almost duo chrome flecks in them as well.  I'll be swatching the whole collection for you this week and I'll be starting with the cremes! I was sort of disappointing in the glitters in that swatches I saw from other bloggers said they were opaque in three coats and that was not at all my experience. That said they're still gorgeous colors and fun to layer over the cremes as well as over each other!! I'm going to start off the swatching with Wendy!

Wendy is a coral leaning pink creme and I think she was one of my favorites of the collection.  Not only was she opaque in two coats but just LOOK at that color.  IT's super flattering and also nice and bright for Spring and Summer.  I did find that she was a little on the thick side, but I have LOTS of Zoya's and none of the others in my collection had that issue so I'm thinking that a loose cap might have been the issue there.  I thinned her a little and had no troubles after that! For the most part, the Tickled collection has a matching Bubbly counterpart and for Wendy I felt Harper was the best choice.


Here they are layered up.  You can see what I mean now with the glitter.  There are larger iridescent pieces and then a wash of shimmer. There is also a hint of color which has just SLIGHTLY muted Wendy a bit. For fun I threw Alma over my ring finger. Just to show you that these can be fun to layer up and create new combos!

For a little extra fun. here is the same combination with a matte top coat.  I REALLY love these glitters matte.  They just look so cool at different angles! Which colors are you dying to see next?

These polishes were provided to me for my honest review.  I have not been compensated for my opinion.

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