Zoya Rooney

8:31 PM

Today I have Zoya Rooney for you!  This is the last of the red/pink tones in the Tickled collection. This is two coats of Rooney and I have to say, I'm LOVING the shiny finish on these. No top coat once again.  Rooney is described as a mid-range magenta and that sums her up pretty well. Not my cup of tea but I'm seeing a lot of great art in her future!  Here she is with her Bubbly match, Harper...

I've done the accent her in Jesy just to show you once again that these are crazy fun to layer up. Jesy just takes her a hair darker and warmer.  Plus LOOK at all that sparkle!  Which combo is your favorite?  The final two of these will be up tomorrow and then, as it's Digital Dozen week there will be no Bubbly's til the week after!! Can't wait for you to see!

These polishes were provided to me for my honest review.  I have not been compensated for my opinion.

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