I Love the 80's!!

5:00 AM

So it's day four of The Digital Dozen decade challenge and today I'm hitting the 1980's.  For this theme day I went with a few different things! I started with a pastel water marble with some holographic glitter and then added some shapes and topped them with a galaxy.  On my index, which is my accent here...I went with some holographic stripes through the galaxy.  I wish the holo had been more apparent in this but the weather has been sort of not great for glitter. :(  After I completed this masterpiece of art I showed it to my husband who promptly asked me what it had to do with the 80's.  To that I say THIS:

and this...

and whatever the heck THIS is...

along with any number of rock music videos!!  I wanted to sort of create a mixed art look! Despite the fact that I'm still working on perfecting my galaxy skills I think it came out rather well!  Here's a fun 80's nail polish ad for you!!

Check out the other girls art below!!

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  1. Haha, this is pure 80s! Love it!

  2. Your nails look stunning!!

    xx julia

  3. This is so cool, and I love your comment "Whatever the heck this is". It had me giggling!

  4. Ahahahaha I love this post!! I agree with Heather, I was totally LOLing for real about the 'whatever this is'.

  5. i actually thought this was torn jeans at first - woeks well either way - very 80s x


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