Disco baby...

5:00 AM

Ok so these aren't really disco themed! They kind of go in the opposite direction of the 70's! For today's Decades challenge with The Digital Dozen I've gone with some tie dye! I really wanted these to emulate a more free form tie dye than just the typical circular pattern you normally see.  I think they came out pretty well although they also remind me of some water color nails I did awhile back!  I hope you enjoy them! Here's a fun Cutex ad from the 1970's!

Check out the other girls art below!!

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  1. i thought it was water color thecnique and found it absolutely lovely and stunning!

  2. This has worked out beautifully.

  3. If Halston had done a print in these shades - I think it might have looked sort of like this! Very pretty - but as you said not disc but then I was not a huge disco fan in the 70s.

  4. Really pretty! I love soft effects like this for nail art :)


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