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10:05 PM

This is my very first attempt at some water spotted nails.  I actually saw a pin for turquoise nails on Pinterest* and I decided to give it a go.  It really wasn't too difficult at all.  I started here with a base of Orly Frisky and then I used cling wrap to smatter on some goldish copper (it was a China Glaze, can't recall the name).  After that was all dry I moved on to the marbling.  A little tip here: TOP COAT first. I mean REALLY top coat. Use a good one and get all the edges and everything.  Here's why: if you screw up you have a few options.  One is to remove the marble GENTLY with a cotton ball and some acetone. If you topcoat and remove gently before the marble effect is dry, it won't mess up the under layers. Two is to dip a brush in acetone and then lightly remove some of the pattern to open it up more.  Again this doesn't affect the under layer if they're top coated properly.   I played around with it a bit because the very first nail I did wasn't really in line with the pattern that happened on the rest of my nails.  I also left the accent nail a bit more open to add some dimension.  I did really love this in the end but the spotted technique isn't super my thing. It works here but I'm not sure I'd use it again.  Have you tried it yet? What are your tips for getting it just right?

*Pinterest pin and design is inspired by CopyCat Claws.

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  1. I have tried water-spotting about three times now and each time was a disaster. Kudos to you for doing such a good job on your first try!

  2. I haven't tried it because I didn't like that OPI either, so I didn't want that effect on my nails anyhow. That being said, I think your ring finger nail looks awesome, it looks like a stone inlay.

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