And then that happened...

6:09 PM

So it's the final day of the Digital Dozen brand challenge!! I don't know what happened to my picture but it has a weird contrast that I can't seem to fix SO...this is the terrible pic you get for today. / Think my camera has about bitten the dust, poor thing is several years old. Anyway these are based on the cover of the box sets of Saved By The Bell, which let's face it, we ALL watched growing up in the 90's! I hope you enjoy them despite the terrible pic! They're much brighter and more vibrant in person!  I got a slightly better (but week old pic with tip wear....ew!) pic from Instagram:

Win some you lose some, right? Anyway, here's your fun 90's ad for the day!

Check out the other girls artwork below!!

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  1. Your camera probably just decided to freak in the face of that yellow. It is rather bright..

  2. That is one bright yellow! And I still watch Saved By The Bell reruns!

  3. Love Saved by the Bell! And these are gorgeous!

  4. Love the inspiration behind these!

  5. Yessss!!! I LOVED Saved By the Bell! I tried re-watching it on Netflix, tho, and it just wasn't the same :'(

  6. Never watched Saved by the Bell but very cool mani...and sorry about your camera...hopefully, it still has some life in it!


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