Zoya Alma and Binx

5:17 PM

Today I've got two more Zoya colors for you from the Bubbly collection.  This one is Binx. When I first saw the press release I thought she was going to be more purple so I'm a bit disappointed in that part. The sight lists it it as an "orchic purple" but to me she's leaning very magenta.  That said I LOVE that these are jellies but they really have a metallic feel to them. I see it more with Jesy and Alma than the others but at the right angles they look like full coverage, super shimmery, metallic colors. It's really memorizing!  Here's another of Binx...

This is in a more direct light so the jelly is more apparent.  But you can definitely see the shimmer!!  Here's Alma:

Again you can see that she's clearly a jelly but there's a real metallic, foil type feel to her.  These are both swatched with two coats.  I thought Alma would need a third like Jesy did but I found her to have quite a bit of color at just the two.  These are a bit beastly on removal! Not as bad as a glitter but you certainly have to scrub a bit.

Still they're just SO pretty. I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I had them on!! They look great in all lights.  Alma is sort of a dandelion gold and she's VERY flattering, even on my pale skin!  Which is your favorite so far?

orchic purple
orchic purple

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