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7:00 AM

Well ladies and gents, it's St. Patrick's Day!!  I can't believe it's here already. Time really has been flying hasn't it?  Anyway I've done a few different designs over the years for St. Patrick's and this year I wanted to go a little more simple but still incorporate all the important things! Gold, rainbows, green and shamrocks!  So here is my simple design. :) For the ring finger I layered two different gold polishes to make it a little more visually interesting and for the pinky finger I wanted to do a sort of rainbow in the sky look so I sponged blue over a white base and then added the rainbow over the top.  I hope you enjoy them! Do you have big plans for today?

Colors used:
Zoya: Apple, Logan, Purity, Sharon, Yummy, Pippa and Ziv
Essince: Don't Feed the Tiger
Color Club: Twiggie, Chelsea Girl, and Pucci-licious
Essie Too Too Hot

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  1. It's soooo cute! :) Zoya Apple is my dream. :)

  2. Such a cute mani for St Pat's. I think I will try this one out. I love rainbows and glitter.

  3. Your shamrocks look amazing, and I love the rainbow pinky!

  4. So cute! happy St Patrick's day!

  5. Love the title, love the combo of different designs, love the rainbow. I like your style!

  6. These are super cute nails! I so need to do something like this one year.

  7. What a great idea!


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