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So it's no secret by now that Google is shutting down their beloved Reader program.  A lot of people are getting very worried about that and about what it will mean for us bloggers and for those of you who enjoy reading the blogs.  I don't normally address things like this on here but I want all of you to have the right information going forward so that you can make educated decisions for yourselves and for your blogs.  So here we go....

Google Reader IS most likely being shut down. There are several petitions in play which may or may not save it but as of now they are moving forward with the cancellation of service.  What does this mean for all of you?  As readers, you're going to be affected the most.  With the Google Reader service, you were able to use your Google+ account or a GFC account to simply click and follow a blog. Later, when you want to view your blogs they're neatly lined up on your Reader page.  I want to be clear that Google is NOT shutting down the GFC or Google+ following capability. You will still be able to click to follow users this way.  If you have a blog, you will be able to find those blogs you follow via those options on your blogger home page, located here:  They are at the bottom under "Reading List".  You will notice that they can be viewed in a Tumblr style (with picture previews) or you may choose a certain blog from the list on the left side. This means, if you HAVE A BLOG, anything you follow via the GFC or Google+ option will be unaffected by this cancellation.  You can still keep your GFC followers and you can still read all the blogs you follow this way.  So...what if you aren't a blogger?

There are a few other options you can take.  If you really love the Reader style, you can try out Feedly.  Not only will Feedly allow you to read blogs in a very similar manner as the Reader but it will also import all the blogs you already read. It allows you to read via the web or a mobile app and it also allows you to choose favorites, just like the Reader. The best part about this service is that you don't have to do anything to use it. It's completely free and all you have to do is log into Google Reader and sync the feed. It's one button and Feedly does all the work. No fiddling with RSS or .xhml files. It will import all your blogs for you.  Feedly is my option of choice at the moment, simply because I like the style of the Reader better than the style of the Blogger Read List.  You can also sign up for a blogger account. They are free and will allow you to follow your GFC blogs on the Read List.  My blog allows you the option of Bloglovin' which is another great option for some people. As well you may choose to follow some blogs via email if they have the option. Myself, I follow a lot of blogs so email is not an option for me! 

So the moral? If you are a blogger, you are UNAFFECTED by this change (with the exception of blogs you follow via RSS. Blogs not followed under your GFC will no longer be readable. Visit your home page to determine what might need to be moved to another service).  If you are a reader you have LOTS of options available to you to continue reading blogs. :)  

Happy reading everyone!! :)

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  1. Great blog in general, I love the way it's organized and all the info you can find here. Five thumbs up!

  2. O.K.; thank you for the infor... but I have one more question. If I visit say your blog and say I click on your follower list or someone on the list or in some instances a blog name on someone's blog will I still be taken to that blog? I'm confused... (must be my age!) Thanks for the post it was a help.
    Jean C.

    1. If a commenter or follower has a blog through Blogger, you can still click their picture/name and go to that blog. That is all GFC related and not related at all to the Reader.


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