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7:00 AM

It's day two of the Digital Dozen's Geek Week and today I've chosen to do something which I'm sure you'll all recognize!! Star Wars!!  I actually never watched these films growing up.  My parents were not very into them and I never really caught the bug.  It wasn't until the new ones released in the theater that I ever really got into them and, honestly, the only reason I wanted to see those was...well...OK TWO reasons: Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor. *swoon*  I'm still more into the new than the old (I know, I'm totally backwards!) but I wanted to do something that sort of encompassed all of them!  So here are some simple little Storm Troopers and a Darth Vader.  Let's be honest, no Star Wars mani would be complete without the most evil of all evil villains!  Don't forget to check out what the other ladies have come up with for Geek Week today!!


Colors Used:
Zoya Purity and Raven 
Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black
 LA Colors Nail Art Pen in Silver

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  1. Hahaha omg. I did the same manicure girl. Posting mine tomorrow!

  2. These are so awesome! I love them! Great job!

  3. This is so amazing!! I bet the star wars fans will love it! x

  4. At last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi, at last we will have revenge!


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