All Layered Up...

8:26 AM

Today I have a quick post for you!  After I bought the first four colors from the Zoya Pixie Dust collection, I started to see them layering up the colors and I decided to go ahead with the other two!  This is the first layering combo I tried and it's one coat of Zoya  Dahlia and two thickish coats of Zoya Nyx.  It makes a gorgeous navy shade!  I really can't wait to play around with layering these up more and I have a really cool layering post coming up for you that will show you how to make the  most of these polishes!!  Have you tried layering the Pixies?

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  1. realy pretty! i need to go out and get me these polishes!

  2. Fun idea! I will try it when I get them!


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