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7:00 AM

Well we have arrived at the final day of Geek Week with the Digital Dozen.  I'm super sad to see this week go. I loved sharing all my geekiness with you all!  For today, I'm paying tribute to the creator of Geek Week, Miss Geeky Owl herself!  These are my little geeky owl nails. :)  I actually love owls so this was a super fun one for me to do.  I also love Kirsten, of the Geeky Owl and I'm happy to give her a little love on my blog today. :) If you haven't already, please check out her blog! It's really great and she's a fellow owl lover and geek!  Thanks for following along with this week's challenge.  Stay tuned for next months theme. It's going to be WILD. ;P

Colors Used:
Lime Crime:
 Crema de Limon, Once in A Blue Mousse, Lavendairy, Parfait Day, Milky Ways and Peaches <3 Creme
Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love them! So stinkin' cute! Thank you!

  2. They're so pretty!

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