SoFlaJo review: Shirley Temple

11:44 AM

Today I have something extra special for you guys!  My very first indie polish review.  This is a SoFlaJo polish and it was made by Jody Alu.  She makes some really amazing polishes and her most recent, Year of the Dragon collection was just absolutely stunning.  I've been dying to get my hands on some of her creations so when she offered me the chance to review one of them for her I was elated.  I was NOT disappointed!  Jody has been making personal care items since the 80's and currently has her polishes available at her personal shop as well as via Etsy.    This particular polish is from her new Happy Hour collection.  It's called Shirley Temple.

Jody describes Shirley Temple as a cherry shimmer.  I think it leans a little orange in some lights, more of a tomato type red than a cherry.  It's not enough of a shift to be a duo chrome but it has a hint in there which makes it extra special and gives it a little oomph.  Definitely not your standard red polish.  And just look at that shimmer!!  I really encourage you to blow up the picture (just click it!)  so you can see all the gorgeous shimmer packed in to this polish. It's just lovely.  How was application, you ask?

Here we have two coats of Shirley Temple photographed in natural light.  You can really see the orange hint in this picture but it's more noticeable in artificial lights while in natural light it leans more reddish.  The application was a dream.  I've noticed with some indie polishes I've gotten recently that they're very thick, not very smooth, or that pigments in them separate easily. This is not the case with my SoFlaJo. I even let it sit without moving it for a solid week and there was NO hint of separation.  The first coat of this is a bit sheer but two coats builds nicely.  I think three would be ideal but I also love that the sheerness of it allows you the possibility of layering it over other things.  As far as wear time and dry time goes I'd liken this to an OPI.  It dried fairly quickly and shiny (there is no topcoat in the above photo)  and it lasted three days with no chips.  I'm VERY hard on my hands and my nails are damaged and thin at the moment so I imagine someone who is less hard could easily go a week with no chips or little wear with this.  Definitely worth the investment!  I can't wait to pick up more of these polishes!  You can purchase Shirley Temple (or one of Jody's other fabulous polishes!) by clicking on the links above! 

 Thanks for following! Do you have any SoFlaJo polishes? How do you like them?

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  1. There does seem to be a bit of an orange shift, at least to me :) Really gorgeous colour! The shimmer really kicks up the wow factor!

  2. This is so pretty! And it's named perfectly.

  3. check you out!!So excited for all the progress you're making! xxx


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