It only ends once. Anything before that is just progress.

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You're a man of science. I'm a man of faith. Do you really think all this is an accident? That we, a group of strangers, survived, many of us with just superficial injuries? You think we crashed on this place by coincidence?  Especially this place? We were brought here for a purpose, for a reason — all of us. Each one of us was brought here for a reason.

And so it ends.  I hope you all enjoyed my LOST series.  I SO loved this show and it was so much fun to be able to relive it through nail art this week!!  In conclusion of my series I leave you with some of my most favorite LOST quotes, an extra mani (check the middle of my art collage!) and my most favorite mani's from the wonderful ladies who joined me on this challenge. :)

I don't know what kind of Commie share fest you're runnin' up in Cavetown, but down here: possession is nine tenths. -- Sawyer

These are the lovely Miss Emma's nails for season two.  Emma had some amazing nail art throughout the challenge and she played with texture in a very interesting way.  This has to be my favorite of all the ones she did though.  The blast door map.  That thing rocked my world. And I have to say, when the hatch finally exploded...I was sad to think of it's demise. Emma did a great job bringing it back to life! :)

 You know when I used to get high, I'd watch nature programmes on the Beeb. Polar bears are meant to be quite clever, very clever. They're like the Einsteins of the bear community. -- Charlie 

These nails belong to Sarah, otherwise known as the stamping queen!  I love the gradient on this and also that she did some free handing (which came out amazing!).  It's a tribute to one of my favorite characters, Charlie Pace and it was her season three mani. :) 

Dude, you've got some...Arzt...on you -- Hurley

These are my favorite of Debbie's nails! They're her season two nails and they came out so pretty.  I love the color combo, the representation of the numbers (who didn't love those numbers?) and the cool Dharma-like art.  The color combo worked well too. :)

Yes Charlie, if only we were all wearing license plates. -- Sayid

Also from season two? Kerrie's number nails! I love these! The numbers were such an integral part of the entire series.  And at the end of the day, I'm STILL not 100% sure what they mean! But that's the fun of the series isn't it?  Kerrie also did some cool Dharma van nails and some fun 70's tie dye which were very cool.  But I think the number nails were the ones I liked the best!

 Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny. But you'll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen... because, destiny, John, is a fickle bitch. -- Benjamin Linus 

These are my favorite of Kirsten's nails.  They're her season one art.  I LOVE that she did the Swan Station because it was one of my favorite things about the series.  I also love that she represented Aaron and Charlie's nickname for him, Turnip Head (even though technically, Turnip Head wasn't used until season two! :P).   Her 815 nail is stellar too.  I love how clean and crisp the design is! :)  She had some really freaky happenings with the photography of her season 6 set of nails so don't miss checking that out! :)  

Thanks to all these wonderful ladies for letting me participate in this challenge.  LOST remains my most favorite television show of all time.  Every time I watch it I have new questions and I learn things I missed before.  I still have my BIG book of LOST which I used to write theories and different things in.  :)  For me, it will never end.  

And one more quote for the road...

Well, I lived in these houses 30 years before you did; otherwise known as last week -- and I have no idea where the hell we are. -- Miles

Thanks so much for following along!! My first rehab your nails series will be up this coming week! How to remove acrylic nails PROPERLY! :)  I can't wait to share it with you!

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  1. Your collage turned out awesome! Great post to the end of a great week!

  2. Another awesome series comes to an end! :(

  3. These were so awesome! I love how you guys did these LOST themed nails! It makes me want to rewatch the series!


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