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Here it is!! My favorite book in the series: The Prisoner of Azkaban.  Why is it my favorite? Well...OK I don't know it's just the one I most enjoy reading.  I think a large part of that stems from the general attitude of the book.  This is the last book in the series before things start to get seriously sad.  Hagrid becomes a professor and does a pretty hilarious job at trying to teach the students about magical creatures!  And it also has Lupin, who turned out to be my favorite professor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.  I was oh so sad when he went away! But don't worry...shhh...he comes back!  Harry also got a real, actual, true family member in this book.  No, they aren't related per say but it's the first time in the series he has a magical person to lean to as a real family member and a link to his parents.  I chose to do my nails for this one based on the Marauders Map.  It was a useful tool during this book and I loved the way it came alive on screen.  Those tiny little footprints walking from room to room?  Priceless.  I want one!  Even though I had SO many ideas for designs for this book I wanted to keep it simple and stick to just one theme so I left it at just this.  I think the Marauders Map is representative of many things throughout the book. It belonged originally to Sirius, James, Professor Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. All who are important members of this book.  It was given to Harry by George and Fred, who are the kings of messing about!  Harry uses it to avoid Snape and also in conjunction with his invisibility cloak (can I get one of those too?)  to get all sorts of information which comes in handy throughout the book.  And ultimately, he gets to keep it to use for later endeavors. Mischief Managed.

Don't forget to check my fellow mischief makers, Kerrie, Emma, Abby, Julie, Debbie, and Sam's pages to see their art for this series!!

Enjoy! And check in for tomorrow's post for book four: The Goblet of Fire 
Or visit the previous book: The Chamber of Secrets

Colors used: Essie Sand Tropez , China Glaze Foie Gras and Winter Berry

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  1. This is great! I think having the map would be great! This is my favourite book too!

  2. Oh man I love love love this!

  3. thats 3 of us who think this is the best book! I love this Bee, it's worked so well. I even watch the end credits of this film because they're so beautiful xxx

  4. This is my favourite book too!! :) The entire time I read it I wanted the map lol, awesome manicure! P.S. You're link to Debbie's site isn't working for me.. I'm not sure if thats my computer or not, just thought you'd like to know.

  5. This is my favorite book too for those exact reasons! I was really disappointed in the movie though.

  6. Hahaha! These are awesome! Love it!

  7. Interesting take, I like it! One of my favorite books in the series, too :)


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