Put Your Dupes Up: Barry M Silvery Lilac vs. OPI Not Like the Movies

7:32 PM

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:

Barry M Silvery Lilac
Retail Cost: £2.99 (approximately $4.75)
OPI: Not Like the Movies
Retail Cost: $8.50

I just recently got this Barry M and a lot of people online have compared it to butterLONDON's Knackered which I have yet to snag.  When I got it though, I was more drawn to a different polish in my collection: Not Like the Movies.  Now, I'll start by saying there are TWO versions of the OPI color Not Like the Movies.  One is a duo chrome which was released with the original Katy Perry Collection.  The other is a silver version which came a bit later.  I have the duo chrome version and that's the one I'm comparing today.

Here is a close-up of the bottles.  Both have a silver base with a lilac/green duo chrome.  The OPI looks like it has MUCH more of a color change in this shot. You can clearly make out the purple as it shifts from green to silver.  The Barry M looks more of a silver/lilac without much change in between the two.  They both also have silver micro glitter throughout.

So here's the lowdown:  First of all, the Barry M had a much better formula, which is surprising given it's a drugstore brand vs. a salon brand.  I only needed two coats of the Barry M for coverage and I needed three of the OPI.  Both were still a smidgen sheer but I think that's just the way this polish is meant to be.  This photo was taken in natural light.  Both have a silver to lilac shift, shimmery silver flecks, and a slight greenish tinge at the edges.  I showed them to numerous people and none could tell a difference, not even my husband who is well trained in the art of differentiating polishes from one another!  The Barry M is on the index and ring finger, while the OPI is on the other two. The OPI looks a BIT darker in this photo but it's not really. If you blow this up (just click it!) you can see that they're the same.  You'll also notice the OPI is a bit streaky though it's not noticeable in person.  There is also a VERY slight shift more towards green on the OPI where the Barry M is more lilac than greenish.  But for all reasonable intents...these are the same in my book.

Verdict: Dupes. Yes there are some VERY SLIGHT differences (the streaks in the OPI, the TINY shift more towards green.)  but honestly, on the nails the differences are not noticeable at all. So I feel comfortable labeling these dupes.

Availability: Barry M Silvery Lilac is available at Boots, Superdrug, and BarryM.com.  OPI Not Like the Movies was part of the now defunct Katy Perry Collection and can no longer be purchased in stores.  It has limited availability online but there are TWO versions.

Wondering how these stack up against another silvery lilac duo chrome, Zoya Ki? Debbie has you covered over at The Crumpet!

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  1. I don't have either of these but I have seen the OPI one at my supply store. Excellent! I love these types of posts. And I love that you have your husband trained "in the art of differentiating polishes from one another" hahaha!

  2. Nice comparison. Wish I could train my boyfriend. :)

  3. me too.. wish i could train my bf,,, that would be so nice!

  4. I'm wearing NLTM right now how weird! I have this version, I had no idea there was a different one out there!

    anyway, that's pretty cool that these are pretty much exactly alike.

    1. You are very lucky to have that version - they are super hard to find now. They were only released for the first week. The whole reason OPI had to make another run on this collection was they sold out so fast, OPI could not even meet their normal orders promised..mostly due to the Katy Perry collection has the insanely popular first black Shatter (first shatter ever from OPI) and also Teenage Dream is still really popular. Many felt it was the pink version of OPI's blue Alice In Wonderland.

  5. Glad you added the info that this OPI shade is RARE to find with the duo chrome in it. I don't see enough of this mentioned on blogs but do see it shown in the duochrome form - folks reading or photo shopping, see it and go out to get it, only to come up with a silvery foil polish of the same name. I got lucky and landed 3 bottles of it the first week it was out. I was astounded with the duochrome in it and knew it would be 'one of those' OPI's that was sought after down the road. Had no idea that OPI would do what they have done a # of times in the past, release a 2nd batch of a shade and not hit the mark with the duo or multi chrome in it - AKA Private Jet Plane & La Boheme.

  6. I didn't know there were two versions of Not Like the movies. Is it really that rare? I saw the duochrome version recently at Target. I have Grey's Anatomy so I passed. Maybe I should go back and buy it :)

    1. I have Greys Anatomy also! It's similar to this but not the same!

  7. I didn't know there were 2 versions either! I've seen that BUTTER has a similar lacquer and I wonder how it compares as well.

  8. I can't believe how different they look from eachother in the bottle shot but how they are the same on the nail!!

  9. I found the original at a publix the other day...thank you baby Jesus.


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