Damn nature, you scary!

8:41 AM

It's the day before I go to State Boards (ahh!) so I went a little lazy with the nails!  Leopard is my new fall back mani. It's easy, fancy, and kind of funky. :P  I think the print is REALLY growing on me...I almost bought a leopard print shirt the other day! But don't worry guys, I'm not gonna go full on Jersey, although just so we're on the same page, I could totally pull it off. :P  Anyway I have a million things to do before I hit the road for my test! So here are some simple and fun leopard nails for you today! They shimmer SO much in the sun they almost looked like Minx. Winning.

Colors used: China Glaze Fast Track, Harvest Moon and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black

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  1. Very cute! I love leopard print manis, too. They are so fun and easy, but get TONS of compliments!

  2. Oh these are great, i just can't get leopard print to look good when i try to do this! Last winter i bought a big fluffy leopard print coat it is very vintage and i love it but my boyfriend says i look like a streetwalker in it! Good luck deary!

  3. you're gonna rule that exam!

  4. I <3 leopard print! I don't think I've seen a mani done in more natural tones yet, it looks fantastic! Best of luck with your boards. :)

  5. gorgeous - it's funny i saw the picture and was going to comment "this is your new fave mani" but then you beat me to it ha ha xxx

  6. this is really awesome=] I'm still scared to do it on my own nails.


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