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I have something very special for you all today and I'm excited to share it with you because it's something that is very close to my heart.  I was contacted some time back by a wonderful woman named Jackie Clark, who does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer.  Jackie has a really great message to share with you all today and I'm so honored to have her as a guest on my blog.  Three of my most favorite people (and bloggers!) have joined me in doing some nail art to support this wonderful cause so please check out their work by visiting their blogs.  KerrieDebbie, and Emma thank you so much for participating! You can find information about the art I've done to support Jackie's wonderful cause at the close of this blog.  I hope you all enjoy!! 

Return to Style Restores Inner Strength

Remember how great it feels to step out of your home dressed in the latest fashion, carrying a cute handbag and sporting makeup inspired by current cover girl styles? Remember the empowering sensation that flows over you when you know you look great? Perhaps you are one of many women who keeps her eye toward fashion and the intention of nurturing extreme self-care. For those coping with serious illness, this empowering daily routine easily slips out of the picture.

Diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as mesothelioma cancer, oral cancer or lymphoma radically changes life and daily routines. Women suffering from such illnesses find the flurry of doctor’s appointments and treatments challenging and, at times, overwhelming. Exhaustion and nausea that result from chemo treatments make it easy to forget the importance of caring for one’s appearance.

Finding a few fun new fashionable outfits or accessories often gives the necessary boost to the inner strength and beauty of a woman struggling for her life. Often doctors’ offices have magazines for browsing while waiting. Next time you’re waiting, take a look at any new fashion periodicals in the office. Make sure the magazine is up to date, not a discarded rag from a year ago or so. Then flip through the pages finding new looks and reading fashion tips as you wait to see your doctor.

If fashion magazines aren’t at your fingertips, a little fun fashion surfing online may be in order. Search for 2012 runway fashions, hairstyles and vogue makeup designs.

Whatever way you choose to get in touch with the latest in fashion, be sure to take note of the looks you like best. Consider your coloring and body shape in making your choice, but mostly pick the looks you love.

During treatments for any form of cancer or other illnesses, the body may change in response to illness and aggressive medical care. While you might no longer fit into some of your usual styles, this may be your chance to try some new fashions you’ve never been able to sport before now. Tunic tops and skinny jeans might be just the thing to emphasize your curves while flattering a body that has experienced swift weight loss.

Fresh makeup styles breathe new life into the looks of any woman. Today’s chic designs feature understated cheeks and smooth foundation as a canvas to emphasize either a woman’s eyes or her lips but not both. An easy style that takes little time in front of the mirror involves just a little natural base and bronzer on the face followed by simple lash lengthening mascara. Once the rest of the face features a fresh, natural look, carefully apply a generous amount of lipstick in your favorite shade of red for a stunning retro look that emphasizes the beauty of your shapely, kissable lips.
Illness poses challenges in life. Self-care is of utmost importance in responding to these challenges. When your inner strength begins to fail and your inner beauty fades, give them a boost with fresh fashion.

Check out the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog for more information on wellness.

Nail art was created using Color Club Almost Famous and China Glaze First Mate. It represents the logo for the Mesothelioma Resarch Foundation of America.

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