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Here's another oldie but goodie!! I've had this one on the back burner since the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge! Ah! The wonderful Miss Claire featured it on her blog during our guest post challenge so I thought I'd save it for awhile before showcasing it here on my own blog.  I was sort of inspired by some nails that were featured ages ago on The Daily Nail blog.  Mine aren't nearly as lovely as Melissa's but I think they came out rather well anyway!  I love retro designs and even though I've been really anti-animal print leopard is so easy and it always looks so cool on your nails!  I've started to really like doing it!  In fact it's kind of become my go-to pattern when I'm feeling a little lax on the art side of things.  Now zebra on the other hand...that might have to grow on me some more!  These have a retro vibe too which I adore. :)  I hope you all enjoy and thanks for following!!

Base is OPI Red and Models Own Concrete Mixer.  Leopard is China Glaze Ingrid and Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black.

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  1. Cute. Love the red with it.

  2. oh i LOVED this - what a lovely blast from the past. That red just does something to it that puts it into orbit xx

  3. Cute! I did a similar nail inspired by a pair of shoes a long time ago! LOL!

  4. Very pretty! Love the red with the animal print!

  5. Your leopard print looks amazing!

  6. The half moons look more jelly in the photo than OPI Red looks typically. - You did a great leopard job! I need to finally take off the polish I have been sporting for over 10 days now despite it won't chip or anything - did not like it when I got it all on - those are always the ones that seem to last forever...and am going to try your leopard recipe next.


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