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Tuesday's challenge for the Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring challenge was Spring stripes.  As you can tell, I'm a bit behind on the challenge at the moment since this is going up on a Friday! But you win some you lose some and as I'm working on some exciting things for my blog (like a giveaway soon!) I think it's OK to fall behind a little bit.  I'm also heading into my last week (or two days rather) of Nail Tech school and I'm really excited to get my business cards circulating and start a new career doing something I love and am so passionate about!  But on to the nails!  I started with a base coat of butterLONDON Scoundrel, a gorgeous pinky purple.  Then I taped of some stripes on my accent nail and used butterLONDON Lady Muck to create the accent.  I was surprised how much I ended up liking these two colors together. Lady Muck is rather pale and muted while Scoundrel is fairly bold.  But it worked out well in the end. Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for following!

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  1. Love the colors you used...they totally work together...think of the shades we see for spring in collections - these are in a lot of those collections - a med/deep dusty violet & a sparklelitious interesting dusky blue. Did you use those professional nail strips to tape off the area you did not want Lady Muck on the accent nail? The lines are so fine and straight. I would be tempted to use a fine stripping pen or brush - I tend to get so much bleed under tape - how do you keep bleed under from happening? Tricks? Tips? Congrats that graduation is coming up so soon! Wish we lived closer...I would come and get a mani/pedi from you!

  2. I nominated you for an award :)


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