Put Your Dupes Up: Wallis vs. Edyta

1:36 PM

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:

Zoya: Edyta
Retail Cost: $8
butterLONDON: Wallis 
Retail Cost: $14
Wallis is a polish I've been seeing 'dupes' of a lot over the past few months.  I bought Wallis the second it hit stores and I LOVE it.  The cost is the most common reason I hear from others as to why they haven't bought it yet.  It's so worth it and I'd love to find a dupe so that those of you who don't have $14 to drop on one polish can enjoy the subtle glory of it. But funny enough, when I swatch these polishes next to Wallis, even though they look SO similar in the bottle, I've yet to find one which looks anything similar on the nail. Odd how that happens, no?  So how did Edyta stack up? Well let's see...
L to R: Wallis, Edyta, Wallis, Edyta. Photo taken in natural light, partial shade.
Well here we go again.  Wallis is a green/gold color.  It reminds me of a golden apple.  It has a darker green base but a very noticeable olive/gold shimmer going through it.  While Edyta has the same dark green base, the gold shimmer in it is much less compact, much less large and much less noticeable.  It has an overall hunter green kind of appearance and while it shimmers in the sunlight and is very pretty, it just lacks the complexity of Wallis. 
 A close-up picture gives a better idea of what I'm talking about. Edyta is on the left in this picture and Wallis on the right.  If you blow the picture up (and please do!) you'll see that while the base color is very similar, the shimmer is less apparent and more true gold on the Edyta while it's more olive and much more noticeable on the Wallis.  
Verdict: Not even close.  I still really think Wallis is a must have polish for any collection.  It has a very complex and luxe look on the nail.  The formula on it is a little on the thin side and it does require three coats for opacity but it can also be layered over other things to create super cool effects.  The Edyta was a bit underwhelming for me.
Availability: Wallis was released as part of the Winter 2011 collection and can be purchased at Ulta, Nordstrom, and butterLONDON.com.  Edyta is part of the Zoya Wicked collection and is available at select Ulta stores and online at Zoya.com.  

PS: you'll remember awhile back I compared Wallis to Loreal Owl's Night.  I swatched the Edyta next to Owl's Night as well (just to see!) and Owl's Night is much more brown toned than the Edyta.  So no dupes on that one either!!

Thanks for following! Do you have either of these polishes?

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  1. Thanks for the comparison; it's crazy how similar they look in the bottle but not on the nail!

  2. thanks for this great comparison :)

  3. I own both of these and it never crossed my mind that they were similar! :) I'm glad their not! I like Wallis more, it has a unique color.

  4. Not dupes! Hey. I can get both. I love thebutter one!

  5. I think I am among the rare folks that did not like Wallis! I did not like Chanel Peridot either - it just had too much gold foil in it that hit me in the face before I got past it to the color. I will take this Zoya any day!


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