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6:40 PM

Today's Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge was lambs.  I had a few ideas on what I would do for this one, but ultimately I just didn't love any of them after they were on my nails.  So I ended up with this little cutesy lamb and some grass.  I think it's fitting for the theme and it's also very Spring-like! :) I hope you all enjoy! 

Base is: China Glaze Electric Beat. Sheep is made with Revlon White on White, Hard Candy The End, Orly Prelude to a Kiss, and Acessorize School Skirt. Grass is Color Club Twiggie!

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  1. i.must. know how you did this!! it is so adorable!!

  2. You did a great job with this really difficult challenge. I'd say yours ups Crumpets! Least she was brave enough to show us what she tried to do. I need a list of who is on this challenge!

    1. There are about 90 people participating I believe! It's a lot. But there's a list of most of the active participants here:

  3. hey! i love your blog so much I just gave you an award. See my post here...


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