More skittles please...

6:52 PM

Thumb to Pinky: China Glaze Sweet Hook, Zoya Caitlin, Models Own Feelin' Blue, China Glaze Kinetic Candy, OPI Thanks a Windmillion

Today's challenge presents a valuable lesson in why I hate doing my nails in clinic at school.  A little background on what clinic first, in case some of you are unsure.  I started school for Nail Technology on January 18th.  In my state, the law requires that I have 200 hours of practical work before I can graduate and take the state board exam to obtain my license.  This means I must spend 200 hours working in a salon in order to graduate.  Since an actual salon cannot hire me until I have graduated, or at least, not to actually work on clients, we get to work in the school's on site Spa/Salon where we work on clients to get our hours.  Some days are wicked busy and I have client after client.  Other days are incredibly boring and those are the days when I usually do my nails or one of my classmates (usually'll see some of that VERY soon!).  Or occasionally, I actually do them in class.  The good thing about clinic is that it's usually pretty fun and it's a lot of free time where I can do my nails.  The bad thing about it is that it means I spend 70 or more hours away from my house which makes me extremely tired during the week. :/  The nails above were done in clinic.  Our clinic uses OPI products, though we have a handful of Orly and China Glaze polishes, and most of the polish choices are from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection so I usually bring my own.  Have you ever tried to bring 600+ nail polishes to school with you?  Yeah. Not so much.  I estimate that I have between 70 and 100 that I am able to comfortably (sort of ) take with me from home to school everyday.  Apparently I should have included more pastels in that count.  I chose the most pastel-y colors I had for this one and it still came out kind of bold for a pastel skittle.  So...when I got home I did them over...

Much better, no?  For the second skittle I used Orly Prelude to a Kiss and Models Own Bloo Bloo, Beth's Blue, Pastel Pink, and Utopia.  I'm going to try to be more prepared for the next few challenges!!  Thanks for following!

Which skittle do you prefer?

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  1. I like the second batch but both are cute!

  2. I love both skittle manicures, but since spring is coming up, I am feeling the second one better. I have NO idea how you do the 70 hours a week. I'd die!


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