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Awhile back I got a TON of nail supplies in the mail.  I mean, a TON.  Decals, stickers, foils, lazer foils, striping tape...you name it.  Foils were one thing I was really excited and yet terrified to use!  I've heard it's tricky, it takes practice, it can be a mess...so I picked the foil I liked the LEAST from the ones I had received and gave it a go on one nail.  It came out rather nicely though I did learn some things from round one.  The most important thing I learned: make sure there's glue on every surface of the nail!! No glue = no foil.  And there's no going back if you mess up.  Anyway a few tries later I felt I had a good handle on it so I decided to incorporate it into a mani.  The execution of this manicure isn't the problem.  It 's the concept.  The foil wasn't as gold as I thought it was and the gold I used at the base of my nails wasn't so much shiny as sparkly.  So it looks a little wonky.  But it made it 24 hours still which is a miracle given that it's foil and matte!!  

Enjoy and thanks for following!! Have you ever used nail foils?

Gold is: Orly Luxe
Green is: Zoya Veruschka
Ring finger is done with Elven Gold nail foil.

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  1. I haven't tried nail foils. But it looks cool. I might try it out soon. Yours turned out to be fab! (^__^)

  2. I'm too scared to try out foils.. I guess I'll have to do like you and just use a least favourite one :P Looks good, though!

  3. The foils aren't too bad actually! I reccommend an orange stick and some patience!

  4. why have i never checked out your blog before?!!!! this is amazeballs! i love this combo!!


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