La Moss only grows on the north side of the tree...

4:52 PM

A few weeks ago I went to Michigan for a few days to relax and get some down time.  I needed a mani that was going to not only last for three days but also, that I wouldn't get sick of!  So I perused through my swatch wheels and landed at La Moss.  This color was on my wishlist for a LONG time before I finally snagged it during a BOGO event at Ulta.  In true Ulta salesgirl style, the girl who came to 'assist' me tried to talk me out of La Moss.  She told me it was not pretty on the nail, not dark enough, and not the color of the bottle.  And she tried numerous times to sell me Teddy Girl instead despite the fact that it: a)looks NOTHING like La Moss and is therefore not a good substitution and b) I had already told her a hundred times I already have Teddy Girl.  So I finally made it out of the store with La Moss and then it ended up in my drawer for awhile.  I have to say, it's everything I dreamed it would be.  It's very nearly black and yet still very clearly red.  This is three coats and it's definitely bottle color.  It's also a jelly so it has this nice squishy quality to it which I love.  And it shined like....IT SHINED.  I got SO many compliments on this mani.  The accent nail was a gift I received in a swap.  It's a Sally Hansen nail strip.  I had been wanting to try them and I was stoked to get a set for free.  It was amazingly easy to use and even though it's a glitter it was dead smooth on my nail.  No topcoat needed.  This mani went through three days of rain, freezing weather, wind, driving, and everything in between and there wasn't a chip in sight when I returned home.  Oh and the glitter removal.  A breeze.  You can't beat that!

Enjoy and thanks for following!!

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