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Last week was extra crappy  for me.  I had SO much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all.  And the combination of running here, there and everywhere, PLUS being sick...just didn't work out too well.  I paid for it earlier this week when I spent two days in bed with a fever over 100.  Fun.  To cheer me up my lovely husband bought me some new Lippmann glitters. Let's face it glitter IS the way to a girls heart. :P  Part of what he got me was this mini set called Dance Music. It has three glittery polishes; blue/green, grey/holo, and pink/purple.  On to the swatches!! These are all taken in natural light, three coats, and no topcoat.

 First up is Just Dance.  I think this might be my favorite of the three.  It has blueish greenish micro glitter in an aqua jelly base.  Of the three, I found that it seemed to have the most depth and the color built the most quickly with this color.  I also liked that while the other two have several glitter sizes and colors, this one was simply a blue which glinted green in the light. It was subtle, but lovely.

 Next up is Dancing in the Dark.  To me this is a glitter version of Orly's Rock Solid.  I wasn't a huge fan of Rock Solid and that didn't change with this glitter.  The base is a concrete grey and it has tiny silver glitter and larger, round holo glitter.  To me, the holo glitter seemed to break up the harmony of the silver glitter.  I liked that they glinted in different colors in the sun and I can see how a flat grey/silver glitter might have been boring but I think I'd have liked it better if all the glitter were a uniform size.  Still, it's a gorgeous shade. The jelly base on this one was the most sheer.

And finally, we have Flash Dance.  Flash Dance is a pink/purple glitter in a magenta base.  Like the Dancing in the Dark, this glitter has multiple sizes; the pink is much larger than the purple.  It's pretty obvious in the picture but in person it has a much more uniform appearance.  I liked the fun colors in this one though. It feels a bit like a party on your nails!  Second to the Just Dance, this was the most opaque in the collection.  It also seemed to pack the most punch on the nails.  Gorgeous.

Thanks for following! Did any of you pick up this mini set?

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  1. what about putting a matte topcoat over the Dancing in the Dark? I did that with Rock Solid and it's amazing!

  2. Elizedge I haven't even thought of that! But I'll definitely be trying it out!! Thanks for the tip!


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