Makes me feel all warm and...

3:50 PM

This is Warm & Fozzie by OPI. It's from the new Muppets collection and honestly, upon seeing the swatches, it was the only one that made me say, "I NEED THAT."  It did not dissapoint.  This is two coats and it's opaque, sparkly, and totally smooth.  You can't tell so much from the picture but it has tiny flecks of red and green and blue and copper and gold and...yeah. There's a lot of colors in there!! When it dries it looks like a copper foil with incredible sparkle factor!  I decided to let it shine and just threw a bit more bling on the tips!  A perfect, easy, fall mani. :)

Enjoy and thanks for following!!

Base is: OPI Warm & Fozzie
Tips are: butterLONDON West End Wonderland
Top Coat: Seche Vite

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  1. Gorgeoussss... I'm waiting on mine to come in the mail!

  2. how pretty! i must have this color. :)

  3. It's really amazing in person! I can't even describe it but I think it's a MUST. HAVE.


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