The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge: Week Three

6:43 PM

I had the pleasure of choosing the subject for this week's Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge and I chose: 
You least favorite polish in your collection
It didn't take me any time at all to figure out what I would wear this week.  
The color: China Glaze Classic Camel

I picked up this color a few months back at an Ulta for around $2.  At the time I was stoked about finding it because I had every other polish from the Vintage Vixen collection and I thought the nude color looked gorgeous in the bottle.  Well...guess what? It looks hideous on my nails.  If you need reminding how bad it looked, you can check out my original post here.  Almost three hundred polishes later and it's still my least favorite. Why do I keep it you ask? Well, I guess I just can't bear to break up the collection!  I recently picked up some Essence Rock You top coat from a friend in Spain and I was excited by the prospect that it might make this polish more wearable for me.  The results?

I actually like it.  It's still not my favorite color and I could use some practice working with the Rock You topcoat because you can see some visible streaks.  But otherwise, I think it made the polish a much nicer color!  It remains to be seen if I'll wear it again!! But I'm excited to see what other results I can get from the smoky finish topcoat!! I put some Catrice In The Bronx on the tips for a little added twist! :)

What's your least favorite color of polish in your collection?

Don't forget to check out what Debbie, Claire, Kerrie, Zoeand Emma came up with for their worst polish mani's!

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  1. Can't wait to see more of the Rock You topcoat! Looks lovely here :)

  2. I quite like this but then I am a fan of all these sorts of colours which is weird as I have actually chose a autumn type colour for my least favourite polish :)


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