Rubies are a Girls Best Friend

8:48 PM

Through a stroke of luck (and a carefully practiced pout!) I ended up with a few new Bieber polishes this week.  I'm told that they sell these at Target, Sears, and Walmart but I'm only able to get them at Walmart.  Also annoying: only ONE Walmart out of the probably 10 around me actually carry the One Less Lonely Girl collection and everytime I'm in there they're sold out.  They must have recently restocked because they actually had a few of each color this time around.  I already have two so I chose four more of them. The only one I don't have at this point is One Less Lonely Glitter. But I found that Me + Blue (the other glitter of the collection) was flaky and gritty on my nails. It rarely lasts more than a few hours without flaking off in sheets so I'll probably skip out on that one.  One of the ones I got was OMB! which is a GORGEOUS red shimmer.  It looks pretty tame in the bottle but once it hits your nail it's a whole other story.  It has a ruby tone with pretty gold flecks in it and it's MEGA sparkly and shiny.  It almost has the look of a foil or a metallic on the nail.  I thought it might not marble well but I wanted to try it out anyway. It might have marbled better with a creme color but I used China Glaze Swing Baby which is another color which doesn't always marble well.  I still like the effect though. In places you can really see the swirl and in other places it just looks SUPER sparkly. :)

Base coat is: Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber collection in OMB! and on top I marbled more OMB! and China Glaze Swing Baby. Topped it with a coat of Seche Vite.

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