Can I per-suede you?

9:36 PM

Another of my new butterLONDON colors!  I seriously love these.  This one is called Victoriana. It's a nice grey-blue with silvery glitter.  It's absolutely gorgeous in it's shiny glory but I'm loving it as a matte.  It really looks like it was meant to be a suede and it ranks right up there with Suzi Ski's in the Pyrenees (by OPI) for me.  Suedes are my favorite's anyway and I'm always excited when a polish looks great matte AND shiny.  Anyway I didn't want to do anything too flashy over it so I just did some cute little flowers across the middle.  Of course the problem with matte's is they don't last long. This one was no different. It was chipped (albeit a SMALL chip) after 48 hours.  Still, it was SO pretty it was worth the short life!

Base is: butterLONDON Victoriana.  Two coats of Essie Matte About You over that and then stamped on flowers from konad m74  in Nicole by OPI Give Me the First Dance.

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