The Butterfly Effect

7:30 PM

So I took a picture of these nails the other day when I first did them. It was a sunny day and the holo polish swirl in these lit up spectacularly.  And camera ate it.  As it's prone to do in the mid-west, the weather has now changed from Spring back into Winter and as such the photo today is not nearly as pretty.  And the polish is chipping up from the bottom on my ring finger (I have no idea).  But they're still very pretty nails!  I wanted to swirl my holographic polish but I was concerned about using a ton of it since it's pretty impossible to get for a decent price anymore.  I tried twice to marble it in with the other colors and had zero luck.  So after that I cheated...I made my bullseye with the other two colors and dropped a single drop of OPI DS Sapphire into the center. Then I swirled and voila!  Holo marble! For some reason the holographic polish seemed to sort of repel the other polish colors on some of my nails (like the middle) and it left large pools of holo polish instead of a little swirl.  After I finished swirling I added a zebra stripe in random directions over the top and it sort of reminded me of a butterfly's wings.  :)

Side note: I had to cut off all my nails because work is psycho this week and a few of them broke :( But now I can do some brighter designs since they sometimes look silly on longer nails! :)

Base color is: Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber Collection in Me + Blue.  I added a coat of Seche Vite over that because this polish has a gritty texture on my nails and also so that if I made a marbling mistake I could swipe it off without re-doing the base coat! Over that I marbled China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber Collection in Prized Posession Purple and a single drop of OPI DS Sapphire.  Then I added zebra print from konad m57  in Maybelline Express Finish Onyx Rush.  Finished with a coats of Seche Vite :)

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