Hey there, sailor...

5:18 PM

These nails weren't really inspired by anything other than the striped shirt I happened to have on that day. Unfortunately, they didn't come out very well either. My white nail polish is at the halfway point and we all know what that means; goopy, thick, messy polish. I might have had better luck if I had painted the white on as the base coat and striped the blue on top but I didn't think about it beforehand and didn't feel like taking off the polish and starting over. Also, I think I should have made tape strips for each nail instead of re-using the ones I had since the polish bled through a little on some of the nails. It was a good plan, if not well thought out! I might try again with new white on another day. But they were cute for the day anyway! Base coat is: China Glaze Midnight Mission. White stripes are Sally Hansen Xtreme in White On. Red dots are Revlon All Fired Up and the gold anchor is painted on with Orly Luxe.

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