Easter Babies

11:22 AM

So I ordered the konad s10 plate about a month and a half ago.  I'm not really sure why I wanted it other than that I have another plate which has kitty paw prints on it and I thought I might do something with that and the kitty heads.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that it A: came from China and B: was sent incorrectly twice,  I just got it last week. And by then my desire for a kitty manicure was long since faded.  But...I thought the baby animals might make for a quick and easy Easter manicure.  Honestly I had planned out a much more intricate Easter design but then butterLONDON came to Ulta and, well, I just don't feel like removing my Dosh right now! (Swatch to come, this green is AMAZING.).  So here is a simple Easter mani for you all!

Base coat on thumb, middle, and pinky is Orly Lollipop.  Base on remaining fingers is OPI Rumple's Wiggin (from the Shrek collection).  Stamped on bunnies, chicks, and lambs with konad s10 using the konad white paint.  A coat of Seche Vite to finish! Voila! 10 minute nails :)

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