butterLONDON at Ulta!

3:42 PM

Just a heads up to those readers who are interested. butterLONDON has made a deal to be sold in Ulta stores nationwide.  If you're looking to get some now is a great time to do it becuase if you buy one (they retail for $14) you get a free butterLONDON polish remover.  You can also take advantage of the buy 2 get one free deal they have going on and if you use the coupon for $3.50 off a $10 purchase you can snag three of them and a polish remover for around $25.  If you're a fan of other polish brands you can still use the coupon and the buy one get one deal.  I plan to run out there sometime this week and pick up some China Glaze colors and a butterLONDON to see how it behaves.  I'm picky about my nail polish! And I try to stick with vegan brands which I'm told butterLONDON is.  If you're a China Glaze fan like myself you can get four polishes for about $25 using the same method. (Buy one butterLONDON for $14 and get the free polish remover and then get three China Glaze colors for $7 each with one free. You get four colors and a remover for like $25!)  They have some awesome colors in the collection.  I'm thinking of picking up Dosh which is a really great green color. I also really like the No More Waity Katie which is a US exclusive in honor of the Royal Wedding (which you know I'll be up at 4AM watching!). FYI: the OPI Black Shatter is excluded from the sales. Happy shopping!

It turns out that the butterLONDON is not a part of the buy two get one free deal. :( Lame. And it also turns out that Ulta doesn't carry the No More Waity, Katie color.  But you can still get a good deal by purchasing one and using the $3.50 off coupon!  I ended up getting two for $15 plus two polish removers (Bonus: their remover smells like baby powder!) with some $5 coupons and my regular $3.50 one.  :)

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