It's a beautiful day for a Royal Wedding...

6:31 PM

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that today was the Royal Wedding in England.  I had a really great manicure planned for today and I'm super sad and also very frustrated that I wasn't able to do it.  I also don't think that in the future I will order polish from the butterLONDON website as it's been a very bad experience for me.  About two weeks ago, I placed an order for several polishes including the Royal Wedding exclusive polish, No More Waity, Katie.  At the time I placed the order there was no indication anywhere on the website or on my order that there was any problems with the polishes in my order.  I was even sent a confirmation that my order would ship within two business days. So you can imagine my surprise four days later when it still hadn't shipped.  I attempted to email the company and recieved no response and when I finally did get ahold of them a week later I was told that the No More Waity, Katie was out of stock but I was assured that it was arriving soon and my order would be shipped within the week.  Well that was last week. Cut to today and my order still hasn't shipped.  My frustration is less with the fact that the polish is out of stock and more with the fact that if I had known it was out of stock I would have tried to get it elsewhere.  There should be some indication that it's not shipping because it's out of stock when an order is placed.  Also, it would have been nice of them to offer to ship the other items on my order even though the one color was out.'s too late now as the wedding is over and I'm still waiting on a two week old order to ship.  But needless to say their customer service needs some work.  I had a busy day today what with hosting a Royal tea party complete with scones, clotted cream, shortbread and Buckingham Palace Royal Garden Party tea.  So I threw together these Union Jack nails in a hurry.  Hope you enjoy them :)

Base is: China Glaze Midnight Mission.  White stripes are Sally Hansen Xtreme Color in White On.  Red is Revlon All Fired Up.  Also used LA Nails Nail Art polish in Red Glitter for the small red stripes.

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