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9:31 AM

Today I have some new swatches for you! The Zoya Gloss collection.  It's a collection of three, layer-able jelly polishes.  I'm a huge lover of jellies in general but the problem with them is that they often have a finicky formula.  Some are too thin, some are too thick, many are streaky and difficult to get an even look from.  I'm happy to report that these are none of the above.  So let's get on with the swatching, shall we?

I'm starting with Zoya Paloma.  Paloma is a bright, raspberry toned pink polish.  I used three coats here and it's still not opaque (jellies never really are!) but there isn't an obvious nail line either which I really liked.  It's SUPER glossy, even, and still has that squishy quality about it that makes me love jelly polishes!  This one has a nice, bright color to it so it would be perfect to wear with less coats as well.  I think Paloma was my favorite of the bunch.

This is Zoya Katherine.  Katherine is a red-toned aubergine according to their website.  I think that about sums it up though.  It's definitely an eggplant hue but it's just a smidgen on the red side.  I thought I was going to dislike this one after the first coat but here we are at three again and it's just perfect.  These were all so easy to work with.  They even out nicely on the nail with little effort and look how glossy this one was when it dried!  They don't even need topcoat! Perfection.  This one was originally designed for Peter Som during NY Fashion Week.

Finally we have Frida.  Frida is a teal toned jelly and it was the one I expected to like the most.  But it's also the most sheer of the bunch and unfortunately, teal nails just never look appealing when the polish is sheer!  This is three coats and you can clearly still see VNL which was a surprise to me given how the other two built up.  That said it's still a really gorgeous shade and the formula was still a dream on it.  I can see myself wearing it in the future but more likely as a jelly sandwich of some sort than just as a color on its own. 

Overall these are great polishes.  No streaks on the formula, no unevenness (which is common with jelly polishes), rich colors and an unbeatable glossy finish.  Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Pretty...I think I need to get Paloma and Katherine!

  2. These are the best swatches I have seen of these. Great job and now I want them!

    1. Aw, thanks!! They're fabulous jellies!!


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