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I gave you a preview of this collection on Tuesday and today I'm going to show you the remaining four colors!  I'll start by saying that these glitters all went on very easily and came off a GLITTER!  Barielle indicates that they can be worn alone, and while that is true certainly, these are NOT full coverage glitters.  All but two of them are micro glitter or shimmer with larger hex glitters mixed in.  This means that they are great for laying over things but at the same time, depending on the base color they will look quite different.  I've swatched them all using one coat of glitter over two coats of white, black, a complementary shade, and a nude.  These colors, like all Barielle polishes, are five free and vegan. :) So let's see them already!!

First up is Sea Urchin, a sea foam green glitter according to Barielle.  It's a sea foam shimmer with larger hexes and circles in yellow, green and teal.  The shimmer felt a little heavy on the black nail for me. I think this one is best over a similar shade. 

Next up is Angel Dust, described as a sheer, iridescent glitter.  Basically that does sum this one up. I LOVE this one over black and it's also quite ethereal over the nude and white shades.  The glitter shifts depending on the base and the lighting so this one is a fun one to play with! It's along the lines of China Glaze Snow Globe.  Also, excuse the variance in these photos. In the middle of my swatching I got a new camera and changed my nail shape. :/

Here we have Golden Halo. This one is a gold shimmer with pink glitter in it.  I originally felt this one was a bit girly for me but I ended up loving it.  I think it works really well over all the colors although the black was probably my least favorite layering combo.

Finally we come to Amethyst.  I knew out the gate that this one wasn't my style and it didn't do anything for me on the nail either. It's purple large hexes in a clear base. I will say that although it appears to be tacoed, it isn't. It was perfectly flat on my nail.  If large glitters like this are your thing then this is one that you'll love! :)

Which one are you most excited to pick up?

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion**

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