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So I let you know last week that coming up I would have the new Barielle glitter collection for you.  It's been awhile since they released a collection with glitter polishes so I'm really excited to share these with you! There will actually be TWO glitter collections but this week I'm going to share with you the Bling it On collection.  I don't normally do sneak peeks but a lot of you may have seen this picture floating around the internet and while the colors look pretty in the pic, the real thing is SOO much better! Today I'm going to show you my favorite of the bunch and then on Thursday if you come back you can see the whole thing. :)  When I got the release I expected to like Sea Urchin the best. It has all the things I love in it BUT....Shooting Star is the real stand out of the bunch in my opinion:

Barielle is calling her a blue/purple metallic glitter. While that's accurate I think the word duo chrome should be in there for sure!! In the shot above you can see how she shifts on the bottle as well as the nail I've done over black.  I tried to do these on a few different things so you can see how they work with other colors.  Over the white there is mostly just larger blue glitters.  You CAN see the purple/blue shift of the shimmer but it's more subtle.  The blue nail shows off more of the shimmer and shift and while you can still see the larger glitter it's less noticeable.  The pinky is meant to display what it might look like on a neutral or a bare nail.  You can see a lot more shimmer there and the blue glitters stand out.  Then we have black.  Magical, wonderful black.  This is the color where the duo chrome REALLY comes alive and while the glitters are visible, they're not center stage here.  Definitely my favorite color combo!  

SOOO pretty. If you pick up no other colors, this one is a must have.  The swatches above are all ONE coat of Barielle glitter over two coats of a base.  There is no curling or sticking up of the glitters and I did not have to fish for them.  :) Stay tuned for more! Which one are you dying to see next?

*The colors above have been provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinions*

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  1. wow a great Barielle! I've had issues with their thick consistency in the past, great to see they're stepping up their game! thanks!

  2. Awesome, these look lovely!


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