Sparkly Chevron...

4:33 PM

So a few weeks ago I got totally fed up with my long nails and chopped them off.  I don't know why but I just get this itch to cut them short after they've been long for awhile. It's somewhat annoying because I like to have a more cohesive look on my blog but even though I managed to hold off on it for awhile, the urge won out in the end!  I'm lucky that they grow pretty quickly but I also tend to not polish as much when they're short! In the midst of all that, my husband bought me a few new butter London polishes and I couldn't resist trying them out! So here's a little short nail design for you!  I threw a splash of holo on there for a twist but I didn't love it in the end. :/ Win some ya lose some! :)

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  1. I love chevrons in small patterns like this, it's so trippy looking. haha!


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