Aloha, oe, aloha oe, e ke onaona noho i ka lipo...

5:00 AM

It's the final day of nature week with The Digital Dozen! Today I have some plumeria flowers.  Funny story: I have always hated the smell of plumeria flowers.  This past September I went to Maui with my husband and there were these gorgeous white flowers EVERYWHERE. They grow ALL over the island and they smell absolutely magical. Well ladies and gents: they're plumeria's. So then I got to thinking how incredibly different and fake the plumeria scented stuff I hate is. forward to our second to last day on the island, I spotted a different colored version of the plumeria's.  It was a pinkish purple color. I smelled it and BAM! Nasty.  So the moral of the story is that there are different types of plumeria and they range in scent from a heavy rose type scent to citrus-like to chocolatey!  Anyway I hope you enjoy them and I hope you enjoyed the week with us! Check out the other girls art below!

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