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10:30 AM

It's that time again! Time to do a little weekly check in with you all! As I sat down to write this the above happened and that pretty much sums up the week for me. Every time I get ready to do something I get stopped by something else.  Still, it was a pretty eventful week as far as things go.  I'm also SUPER excited to inform you that coming up this week I have swatches of a new GLITTER collection from Barielle. It's really got some stunners in it and I think you're going to love them.  I managed some shorter posts this week so I feel like I'm getting back into a groove and hopefully I'll be back on a regular schedule soon. :)

My cooking adventures continued this week. I finally got motivated to make some bread and now I'm getting ready to try out some new bread recipes. I think the real issue I have with a lot of them is that they take ALL day and/or require loads of kneading.  I like bread but if I'm honest if I don't make it I don't really eat it at all. I can go weeks without ever touching it.  It's still a daily battle with my stomach issues but the bread seemed to go alright so I'm hoping to find some easy and tasty new recipes this week.

We also tried out making our own mozzarella this week. It was a huge fail. I thought it was the milk at first but batch two is going fairly similar today so now I'm thinking maybe it's the rennet.  I guess I'll have to keep working on that one! 

Caoimhe turned two this week!  I can't believe we rescued her over a year ago.  I had a whole thing planned out for her but I got really emotional over the kitty I lost just before we got her and that made it difficult to want to do much celebrating. :(  She seemed to enjoy her day anyway though so I suppose it was a win regardless!  I hope you all had a great week!  If any of you are bakers I'd love some bread recipes! ;)  Can't wait for you to see the new glitters next week too so don't forget to check in and see how you like them! And remember, you can always check my instagram @Bee_Polished for quick nail art, tips and tricks that don't always show up here! :)

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