When it rains, it pours...

5:11 PM

So today's brand post is both inside AND outside the box. The design of it is quite straightforward but then it's not really very obvious to anyone looking what the brand is.  Have you guessed it yet? 

It's for Morton Sea Salt!  I had the container on my counter and thought the design was really pretty. It ended up being a great week to unveil it!!  Even though the brand logo is the little girl with the umbrella, all the Morton  brand salt products include the navy so I think it still works! ;) Check out what the other ladies came up with below! (And please excuse my photography on this one. My camera went ten shades of crazy for some reason!)

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  1. You totally thought outside the box! I would never have thought that you were inspired by Morton's but as soon as I saw the two together, they were perfect. Great work, my dear :)

  2. You are totally going abstract this week... and I love it!

  3. Beautiful! This mani would be great anytime, but once you showed the sea salt, it made total sense how it fits with the theme. Awesome :)


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