Luck o' the Irish

5:28 PM

It's St Patricks Day! I really LOVE green and I always get excited to do manicures for today BUT....I realized when going through my collection this year that I really don't have many green creme polishes. I have plenty of glitters, shimmers and other such goodies, but not anywhere near enough cremes.  In either event I threw a few China Glaze polishes together with one of my favorite glitters of all time, Dollish Polish The Hero of Time. I think it came out rather nice and subtle. One of those mani's I could carry over into tomorrow if I were feeling sort of lazy. ;) I hope everyone has a happy holiday and stays safe!

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  1. I realised the same thing. I don't actually own an Irish green at all boo. So sadly I didn't manage a manicure themed for today. Maybe next year. Xx

  2. not sure to be a fan of green nails, but these ones look really pretty wth the gradient sparkles, and i bet they compliment your hair color so well


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