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8:38 PM

So in case any of you were wondering about why I try to keep my "holiday" nails more abstract...well...her we go! Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and while I LOVE doing fun art for one day holidays like that, it really doesn't carry over. It's not like at Christmas when you get a whole season to do themed nails and no one cares if you have Christmas trees on your nails for weeks.'s one day and done.  I work in an office so I can't have SUPER flamboyant nails (although I can be more flashy when clients aren't in) and it's important that I can take my look from festive to professional without removing the whole thing and starting over. Plus, who wants to waste all that work for just one day? Not me.  So here is my recycled St Patrick's Day mani.  It actually only took me about ten minutes to recycle it and most of that was dry time.  I grabbed my Essie Penny Talk and a stamp and then I used the stamp with more coverage to hide those pesky shamrocks.  I actually REALLY loved the gradient under the copper stamp too. It looks a little jungle-esque and it was really cool when it sparkled!!

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  1. I agree on not wasting time and work by re-doing your nails over after just a few hours, when I do my nails sometimes it takes me hours, and if love them, I like to rock them as long as possible, and you did a pretty nice makeover here, but I don't really get why one could not wear funny nails (a tiny part of us) in an office and still be taken seriously as a professional in the way they work with costumers and collegues.


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