Glossy Box...

1:16 PM

So today is the final day of the Digital Dozen Brand challenge!  Today I decided to do some nails based on the Glossy Box logo. I actually got this Lauren B polish IN my Glossy Box and it seemed a fitting way to use it! I had some issues getting the crown logo right SO...instead I did the top part of it with the little dots and the swirl. I did some scalloped Frenches on my other nails to tie it all together. I hope you all enjoyed brand week! Check out what the other ladies came up with below!

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  1. nice mani

  2. This is really pretty. I don't know why but this make me think of France. Ooh La la!

  3. Really pretty soft pink....not familiar with Glossy Box though sorry!

  4. i love this so much - it is soooo classy. Its one of my faves of yours ever xx

  5. The scalloped french is adorable!

  6. i love the idea and the colors combo here, and i also really like the bottle


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