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Pink Wednesday is here again!!  I admit I've skipped a few of these, mostly due to the striking lack of pink in my polish collection.  Over the past month I've picked up a few new ones so hopefully I'll be able to get some better pink Wednesday mani's in the future!!  I love the idea of 'moon' mani's or reverse french mani's, whatever you call them they look super cool and are ridiculously easy to do.  I've never actually done one, only admired from afar and I think the issue I'm having with it is that it's not entirely perfect.  The moons are different sizes and some of them are a bit off kilter.  That said...I actually kind of like the way this turned out!  I couldn't stop looking at my nails all day!! And I have a new bottle of Seche Vite (which was MUCH needed)  so my nails are back to their glossy, chip free selves! The bright color of this, mixed with the Seche, topped with the fact that my nails were recently shaped gives off the impression of false nails a bit! I've had people asking me all day!  But as always, these are mine! 

Enjoy and thanks for following!! :)

Moon: Ulta Snow White
Reverse tip: Models Own Pastel Pink
Glitter coat: Barry M Iridescent Pink
Top Coat: Seche Vite

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  1. ive seen a lot of swatches with this design but never with these colors. i really love the colors you chose! it makes me wanna do this design so much more!

  2. It was SO easy to do. I should have done it sooner! I liked the contrast of the white and pink and because I put the white down first the pink really popped! I'd love to see what you come up with! :)


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