Models Own Juicy Jules

10:04 PM

So I bought this color awhile  back when I was first getting into Models Own colors. I had heard that they had a great formula and didn't chip forever so I picked up a few to test them out.  At £5 each they're not too expensive, but they're not exactly top of the line either.  I was pleasantly surprised with the formula of them though.  It was indeed SUPER easy on application. Smooth, two coats for most colors, and it really does last days without chipping.  And that's really saying something on my nails because even with Seche Vite and top of the line polish I still manage to chip my nails after at least the third day.  This particular color, Juicy Jules, is a medium holographic glitter.  The best thing about it (besides the ridiculous length it stayed on my nails--nearly 9 days NO chips) is that it dried almost completely smooth which is something I've not experienced with a glitter polish yet.  No topcoat needed.  Still I layered on one quick coat of Seche Vite (mostly to speed dry time!) I wish it had been more sunny when I took these pictures because this stuff REALLY lights up in the sunlight. But it looks great indoors as well!  :)

Enjoy! And as always, pictures can be clicked to blow them up for detail!!

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