The Big Wait...

7:26 PM

So awhile back I bought butterLONDON's No More Waity Katie, and it's not exactly a secret that I wasn't impressed with it.  It's kind of murky and greyish purple but the glitter is somehow not glittery and it takes a million coats for any kind of effect and the effect you get for your effort isn't great.  I REALLY wanted to love this color as much as I love Duchess Catherine...but alas, I did not.  So it's been sitting in my drawer forever just waiting to be used.  I got some Martha Stewart glass beads at Michael's for next to nothing the other day so I decided to test them out on my nail  And I gave No More Waity, Katie a second chance.  I still don't love it...but I'm coming around!  
(Side note: I HATED the glass beads on my middle finger but I got a ton of maybe it's not as bad as I thought!)

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